Instant cash and loans for Christmas – where in 2016?

The pre-Christmas period is the real harvest for banks and loan companies. The GFI data show that in December 2015 and January 2016 the value of consumer loans to households increased by 907 million USD. It can be assumed that loan companies also achieved very good results at the same time.

This year, again, we can expect increased interest in Christmas loans. People who need cash to finance December expenses can certainly not complain about the choice of consumer loans, non-bank loans, overdraft facilities, and credit cards.

Compared to last year, the possibility of borrowing cash for free has increased. Increasing competition between loan companies means that a free instant with a value of USD 1,500 – 2,500 is not something extraordinary.

You can borrow up to 2500 USD without fees or pay off the debt after 60 days …


A quick internet loan is the first solution a person looking for a way to finance Christmas expenses can come to mind. It is hardly surprising because the moments are best suited to the needs of people surprised by the sudden expenses.

After analyzing the market for these loans, it turns out that more than twenty different companies and brands are currently offering a free moment for a new customer (see the table below). People looking for a quick Christmas loan should pay close attention to the suggestions:

  • Good Finance (advantages: free loan of up to USD 2,500, low cost of subsequent loans, no required income declarations)
  • Honest Bank (advantages: free loan of up to USD 2,000, repayment period up to 45 days, no required income declarations)
  • Across Lender / Cash Register YES! / Often (advantages: free loan of up to USD 1,500, repayment period up to 60 days, no required income declarations)

It is also worth checking out other loans, which have been distinguished in the table below due to the high limit of the amount available for the free or long repayment periods. In search of the right moment, I can also help Malcolm rankings.

Loans with very low cost of the first loan


People interested in spreading the Christmas debt over a longer period than e.g. 2 months should look at the offer of such loan companies/brands as, for example:

  • Cash Immediately (loan with a value of 1000 USD – 5000 USD and repayment period ranging from 13 months to 24 months)
  • eKredycik (loan with a value of 2,000 USD – 7,000 USD and a repayment period of 6 months to 30 months)

Before choosing an installment non-bank loan, it is worth taking a look at the latest ranking of such products, which was made by Malcolm

Some banks are trying to compete online with loan companies

Some banks are trying to compete online with loan companies

It should be emphasized that banks also have interesting Christmas offers. The loan offer of these institutions is good for people who, due to costs or other reasons, do not want to make installment loans outside the bank.

Of course, cash loans granted by the bank will be cheaper than any non-bank loan (excluding free payday loans for new customers). It is worth noting that several banks grant cash loans online quickly and efficiently. This group includes, among others:

A credit card or credit card is for borrowing more frequently

A credit card or credit card is for borrowing more frequently

People looking for Christmas cash, of course, also have other options (e.g. credit cards or personal account loans) to choose from. Before buying these products, however, you need to pay attention to the costs not related to borrowing specific amounts (e.g. annual fee for a credit card or overdraft).

Both credit cards and loans in GFI, due to constant costs are profitable mainly for those customers of the bank who often need additional funds. 

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